Genius Tools’ commitment to creating the highest quality of tools dates back to 1975, and that tradition continues today – supported by the best engineering talent, professional manufacturing, and invaluable feedback from customers. We have grown to carry a wide range of hand tools, pneumatic tools, automotive tools, and tool storage, providing over 9,000 unique items. We offer efficient, durable, and cost-effective solutions to professional users worldwide.


Genius Tools has always aimed to shatter the market misconception that high-quality tools are coupled with unaffordable prices. We dedicate ourselves to developing high-quality products to deliver outstanding reliability and durability to users who do not wish to compromise product performance for price, actively engaging our resources in research and development to improve products and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Genius Tools has already won recognition and support from its customers for our emphasis on customer service and production of high-quality products. At present, our operation has expanded to over 84 countries worldwide, creating strong bonds with clients in a range of industries including automotive, hardware, heavy-duty, mining, shipbuilding, and several other manufacturing-related fields. With offices and warehouses in North America, Asia, and Europe collaborating with a well-established distribution network worldwide, our inventory and support are readily accessible, enabling us to continually provide on-time delivery service and after-sales service.