Genius Tools 15PC Pliers Set - MS-015

15 Piece Pliers set

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Adjustable Wrench 
780256 24mm Jaw Capacity Adjustable Wrench 200mmL (8"L) 

Aviation Snip (Plastic Grip) 
511003S Straight Cut Aviation Snip 250mmL (10"L) 

Heavy Duty Pliers (Plastic Grip) 
550604D Chain Nose Pliers w/ Cutter 150mmL (6"L) 
550607D Diagonal Cutting Pliers 150mmL (6"L) 
550712D Side Cutter Pliers 180mmL (7"L) 

Locking Pliers 
530306AR C-Clamp Locking Pliers w/ Swivel Pads 150mmL (6"L) 
531309LN Long Nose Locking Pliers w/ Cutter 230mmL (9"L) 
530310A Curved Jaw Locking Pliers w/ Cutter 250mmL (10"L) 

Pipe Wrench 
782300 Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench 300mmL (12"L) 

Pliers (Cushion Grip) 
550809 Combination Slip Joint Pliers 200mmL (8"L) 
551011D Water Pump Pliers 250mmL (10"L) 

Retaining Ring Pliers (Cushion Grip) 
550750 1.8mm Straight Tip External Retaining Ring Pliers 180mmL (7"L) 
550751 1.8mm Straight Tip Internal Retaining Ring Pliers 180mmL (7"L) 
550752 1.8mm 90° Tip External Retaining Ring Pliers 165mmL (6 1/2"L) 
550753 1.8mm 90° Tip Internal Retaining Ring Pliers 165mmL (6 1/2"L) 
Plastic Tray 1/1

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Additional Info
UPC CODE 668233161815
Brand Genius Tools
Product Brand Genius Tools
General: Product Type Master Sets and Tool Storage
type simple
style Master
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