Genius Tools 11PC Brake Piston Wind Back Set - AT-BC08

11 Piece Brake Piston Wind Back Set

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Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
Item No.Description
08BCAH Pusher Screw Handle (R)
08BCA0 32mm(1-1/4") Adapter (2 Pins Ø = 5mm)
08BCA1 Plate
08BCA2 36mm(1-7/16") Adapter (2 Pins Ø = 4mm)
08BCA3 46mm(1-13/16") Adapter (1 Sq. Pin â–¡ = 8mm)
08BCA4 48mm(1-7/8") Adapter (2 Sq. Pins â–¡ = 11mm)
08BCA5 36mm(1-7/16") Adapter (1 Sq. Pin â–¡ = 8mm)
08BCA6 46mm(1-13/16") Adapter (2Pins Ø = 5mm)
08BCA7 36mm(1-7/16") Adapter (2 Pins Ø = 6.35mm)
08BCA8 55mm(2-3/16") Adapter
08BCA9 42mm(1-5/8") Adapter (2 Pins Ø = 6mm)
Item No.Description
Blow Case
Item No.   Weight
PCS  G.W. 
CUFT  Code 
AT-BC08*   2000 4 9.0 0.85 013800
Additional Info
Additional Info
UPC CODE 668233156330
Brand Genius Tools
Product Brand Genius Tools
General: Product Type Automotive Tools
style Master
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