Genius Tools 7PC 1/2" Dr. Mertic Car Wheel Torque Socket Set - TO-407M

7 Piece Metric Car Wheel Torque Socket Set

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  • 1/2" Dr. Metric Wheel Torque Socket
    417M055 Green 17mm Hex 55 (75Nm)
    417M080 Red 17mm Hex 80 (108Nm)
    419M065 Yellow 19mm (3/4") Hex 65 (88Nm)
    419M080 Blue 19mm (3/4") Hex 80 (108Nm)
    419M100 Gray 19mm (3/4") Hex 100 (135Nm)
    421M060 Black 21mm Hex 60 (81Nm)
    421M080 Orange 21mm Hex 80 (108Nm)
  • Blow Case
Additional Info
Additional Info
UPC CODE 668233155166
Brand Genius Tools
Product Brand Genius Tools
General: Product Type Automotive Tools
Depth - MM and Inch N/A
A - Inch N/A
A - MM N/A
A - Size N/A
Blade Length N/A
Blade Style N/A
torque_limit N/A
type N/A
Capacity - MM and Inch N/A
D1 - MM N/A
d_max N/A
c_mm N/A
b2_mm N/A
angle_tip N/A
ton_max N/A
h_inch N/A
l_mm N/A
depth N/A
style Master
height N/A
width N/A
l1_mm N/A
h_mm N/A
b1_mm N/A
size_mm N/A
length_mm N/A
head_weight N/A
d_mm N/A
size_inch N/A
overall_length N/A
hex_b N/A
hex_a N/A
drive_square N/A
diameter_capacity_mm N/A
b_square N/A
a_hex N/A
b_mm N/A
a_square N/A
wrench_size N/A
width_mm_inch N/A
units_system N/A
t_x_w_mm N/A
type_shape N/A
D2 - MM N/A
Diameter Tip N/A
Drive Size N/A
Female Drive N/A
Hex Shank N/A
Length N/A
male_drive N/A
number_of_points N/A
socket_style N/A
spread_mm N/A
square_drive N/A
Pricing: Special Price N/A
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