Q: Why Genius Tools?
A: Genius Tools offers over 10000+ items in its inventory. We have one of the most complete tool line on the market. You would expect to pay a high premium for an offering such as this with other brand in the market but our tools provide exceptional value. Our tools are typically half the cost of most professional tool brands and our quality is equal to and in many cases surpass our competitors. Many of our tools offer limited or life time warranties.


Q: Why buy direct on Geniustools.com?
A: Genius Tools does not offer discounts directly on it's website however, there are several key benefits of buying direct on our website

1) Quicker warranty processing times
2) Only authentic, brand new tools sold.
3) Exclusive access to programs not offered by other resellers
4) Access to full line of products offered.


Q: Where can I buy Genius Tools?
A: Many of our customers prefer to purchase our tools in the comfort of their work or home. So we have worked with some reputable online, professional tool distributors. These distributors are Authorized Online Distributors, so you can purchase with confidence. Genius Tools also works nationally with many independent automotive and industrial tool retailers. If you would like to touch a feel the tools before you buy, please contact us and we can direct you to our nearest Genius Tools retailer in your area.


Q: What warranties does Genius Tools product carry?
A: Genius Tool product carries either a limit warranty or life time warranty. For specific warranty policies, please see our warranty page for more information.


Q: Where can I get a catalogue?
A: You can download an PDF version of our latest catalogue here. Genius Tools catalogue are also available for sale here.


Q: I have a tool that needs to be warrantied, what should I do?
A: If you feel your warranty meets the requirements of our warranty policy, you would need to submit your RMA request with the distributor you’ve originally purchased from. If you purchased your tool directly from the Genius Tools website please click here to submit your warranty claim.


Q: What does “Authorized Online Distributors” mean?
A: Genius Tools authorized online distributors are distributors who have met certain standards set by Genius Tools to ensure customers are provided the highest level of quality products and service during their online purchase experience.