Genius Tools 1/2" Dr. 21mm Torque Socket, 60 ft.lbs.(81Nm) - 421M060

  • PRECISE TORQUE APPLICATION - 1/2" Drive 21mm Torque Socket with a rating of 60 ft-lbs/81Nm for accurate tightening of fasteners.
  • SPECIFICATIONS - 1/2" Inch Drive Size with an overall length of 206mm (or 8.11 Inches)
  • DURABLE MATERIALS - Made from Chromium-vanadium Steel Alloy for high strength and durability while having anti-corrosive properties
  • SECURE FIT - 1/2" drive size ensures a secure and precise fit on compatible ratchets or torque wrenches.
  • EASY IDENTIFICATION - Clearly marked torque rating (60 ft-lbs/81Nm) for quick and easy selection of the appropriate socket
  • QUICK WITH HIGH ACCURACY - Quick and easy to use Torque Extensions or Sticks allows users to quickily and easily torque fasteners and lug nuts with impact tools. Our torque extensions are tested to be highly accurate with an error of 4% or less.
  • PEACE OF MIND - Purchase with confidence backed by the Genius Tools Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects
  • ANSI STANDARDS - Meets or exceeds the standards established by the American National Standards Institute
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE - Genius Tools are designed and made for use by professional technicians and built to perform over a lifetime of heavy use. Trust Genius for a quality tool at a value cost to you.
Item No. Color Wrench
Torque Limit Length
PCS  G.W. 
CUFT  Code 
417M055 Green 17mm Hex 55 (75Nm) 206 260 50 13.5 0.80 002760
417M080 Red 17mm Hex 80 (108Nm) 206 290 50 15.0 0.80 002760
419M065 Yellow 19mm (3/4") Hex 65 (88Nm) 206 310 50 15.5 0.80 002760
419M080 Blue 19mm (3/4") Hex 80 (108Nm) 206 340 50 18.0 0.80 002760
419M100 Gray 19mm (3/4") Hex 100 (135Nm) 206 360 50 18.0 0.80 002760
421M060 Black 21mm Hex 60 (81Nm) 206 310 50 16.0 0.80 002760
421M080 Orange 21mm Hex 80 (108Nm) 206 340 50 17.0 0.80 002760
421M147D Dark Gray 21mm Hex 147 (200Nm) 220 450 50 23.5 0.80 002880
422M120D White 22mm Hex 120 (163Nm) 220 420 50 22.0 0.80 002880
422M140D Aqua 22mm Hex 140 (190Nm) 220 440 50 23.0 0.80 002880
426S100 Brown 13/16" Hex 100 (135Nm) 206 380 50 19.0 0.80 002760
430S140D Lime 15/16" Hex 140 (190Nm) 220 470 50 26.0 0.80 002880
434S140D Biege 1-1/16" Hex 140 (190Nm) 220 490 50 27.5 0.80 002880


The Genius Tools 1/2" Dr. 21mm Torque Socket is a high-quality tool designed to deliver precise torque application in various automotive and mechanical applications. With its durable construction and accurate torque rating, this socket ensures optimal performance and reliability.

Accurate Torque Application: Engineered for precise torque tightening, this socket features a 21mm size with a torque rating of 60 ft-lbs/81Nm. This allows for consistent and controlled tightening of fasteners, ensuring proper assembly and preventing over-tightening or under-tightening.

Durable Construction: Crafted from premium Chrome Vanadium Steel (CR-V), this torque socket is built to withstand the demands of heavy use. Its robust construction ensures longevity and durability, making it a reliable tool for professional technicians and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Precise Fit: The 1/2" drive size of this socket provides a secure and precise fit on compatible ratchets or torque wrenches. This allows for efficient torque transfer and reduces the risk of slippage during use, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Easy-to-Read Torque Rating: The torque rating (60 ft-lbs/81Nm) is clearly marked on the socket for easy identification. This helps technicians quickly select the appropriate socket for their specific torque requirements, saving time and ensuring accurate torque application.

Versatile Applications: This torque socket is ideal for a wide range of automotive and mechanical tasks, including suspension work, engine repairs, brake jobs, and more. Its reliable torque application ensures proper tightening of critical components, contributing to the overall safety and performance of the machinery.

Invest in the Genius Tools 1/2" Dr. 21mm Torque Socket (60 ft-lbs/81Nm) and experience precise torque application for your automotive and mechanical projects. Order yours today and enjoy the reliability and accuracy of a professional-grade tool.


More Information
upc 193016869522
Brand Genius Tools
Type Wheel Torque Tools

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