Champagne Ball Peen Head Dead Blow Hammer 44oz/1250g - Y32BH

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  • Hammers are made from high-grade polyurethane in one piece construction using
    bonding process and oven curing.
  • No sparks or rebounds.
  • Head:
    • Made from Medium carbon steel 50c
    • Hardness: HRC 48 - 54
    • Surface: smooth
  • Resistant to cuts, splits and abrasion much better than plastic or rubber hammers for
    longer use.
  • Steel shot filled and convex-faced heads.
  • High strength handle with safe grip.
  • Polyurethane coating is resistant to many chemical environments.
    Ideal for all types of applications not possible with conventional rubber or plastic
Champagne Ball Peen Head Dead Blow Hammer 44oz/1250g - Y32BH


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Brand Genius Tools

Genius Striking Tools

A Hammer is classified as a hand tool consisting of a weighted head secured to a long handle to deliver an impact to an area or an object. Most people think one hammer can do every job, but that is not the case as hammers can have specific characteristics that make them more suitable for one job and not for others. Here at Genius Tools, we recognize that and offer an array of hammers to complete all your projects. To name a few, we carry the traditional Claw Hammer, the popular Ball Peen Hammers, Rubber Mallets, and Drilling Hammers. To round off our striking category, we also offer Pry bars (also known as Wrecking Bar, crowbar, prybar) and Punch and Chisels. When it comes to Chisels, we offer several different designs for specific jobs, from center punches to oval bearing punches, long taper lineup punches, and even more specific SAE and Metric Punches; we have them all.

The Genius Tools Philosophy

Professional grade tools that you can trust to work for a lifetime of professional use, but at a reasonable cost like it should be. We make tools with a quality that is equal and, in many cases, superior to our competitors, but at a value that you'll want to fill your box with Genius Tools. Give our tools a try, and we assure we'll earn your trust. With 10,000+ items from automotive to heavy industrial, we have every tool to get any job done the right way.

History of Genius Tools: Manufacturing Professional Tools Since 1975

Genius Tools’ commitment to creating quality tools dates back to 1975 and that tradition continues today – as we strive to engineer, manufacture and develop tools that the professional technician needs to get the job done. Over the years we have developed a wide range of hand tools, pneumatic tools, automotive tools, and tool storage, providing over 10,000 unique items. We are proud to provide tool solutions to professional users worldwide.