WedsSport RN-05M Wheel Setup for the Lexus RC F/ GS F F: 19x9.5 +28 R: 19x10.5 +32 in Gloss Black
April 29, 2020
WedsSport RN-05M Wheel Setup for the Lexus RC F/ GS F F: 19x9.5 +28 R: 19x10.5 +32 in Gloss Black

New to the WedsSport wheels line up, the RN Series or Racing Navigate Series in the latest entry in their lineup in their relentlessly pursuit of weight reduction.  The philosophy behind WedsSport Japan is removing unnecessary materials without affecting the core strength of the wheel thus increasing air volume for better tire stability as well as load weight.  When considering an appropriate wheel for the Lexus RC F and GS F it’s important to remember that you already begin with a very solid wheel made by BBS Japan.  So when you’re thinking about upgrading its important to consider choosing a wheel that will meet or exceed the quality because after all safety should come first.  When it comes to wilt manufacturers selecting a notable brand that has all the certifications and testing requirements should be a number one priority in your list of requirements.  WedsSport Japan is a perfect example of that with a long history and heritage of making quality wheels it’s a perfect choice if you’d like to replace those OEM BBS wheels.

Let’s talk about what makes them different from other cheaper manufacturers.

Weds H-Cross Design

Specifically, for this series they utilize the signature Weds H-Cross design where there is milling of the sides of the spokes which serves as a function of style as well as increasing the spokes surface area which creates a more rigid spoke as well as reduce weight.

By creating more surface area it makes the wheel stronger by increasing the rigidity without compromising or adding additional weight or material to accomplish the same result.  The difference between a high quality wheel and a cheap wheel is that there is a significant amount of engineering that must take place to ensure that the wheels structure is not compromised when material is removed.  Safeties and incredibly important factor when deciding what wheels to run and WedsSport Japan strictly completes all the requirements for certification.

Double AMF

This made in Japan we’ll also utilizes their signature a double AMF advanced metal forming technology which creates a stronger balance of the material, and rim shape and thickness which results in a stronger and lighter performance wheel.  This particular process is a type of signature forming process specific to WedsSport Japan they’ve created this method in order to create a balance between the shape, form and strength.

JWL / VIA Certification

For additional safety all wheels are two JWL and VIA tested and certified.

Included with every wheel is an aluminum air valve stem (Part No. S41A2B) as well as a color matched center cap.  Additional optional center Are also available but are sold separately.


Closer look at the WedsSport RN-08M 19x9.5 / 19x10.5 Wheels for Lexus RC F and GS F For more product info:

WEDSSPORT RN-05M 19 X 9.5 +28 5-114.3 GLOSS BLACK GBK - Lexus RC F / GS F Front

WEDSSPORT RN-05M 19 X 10.5 +32 5-114.3 GBK GLOSS BLACK - Lexus RC F / GS F Rear


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