May 7, 2020
Mod In Japan Intake

The Mod in Japan titanium intake is intricately pie cut so that the diameter of the piping is never compromised.  To get the proper angle for the intake piping there are 3 choices, pinch bending,  mandrel bending and pie cutting.  Utilizing pinch Bending or Mandrel Bending there will always be a compromise in the diameter of the piping whether that is 1% or 15% that is a compromise.  Pie cutting and welding is extremely labor intensive as each individual angled piece must be cut and hand welded.  But in the pursuit of performance we decided this was the best method.  We combine the best material, titanium, and the most extreme method to create what we believed to be the finest intake on the market.  The OEM Air box is already efficient and prevents heat soak when the car is not in motion so utilizing it is ideal for daily driving situations which means the only other compromise is the bends.  So utilizing the Mod in Japan titanium intake will increase the airflow which yields better throttle response and minor horsepower gain.  Ultimately the other major improvement of this mod is how beautiful it looks.  Aside from the performance gains it’s good two also to enjoy the aesthetics of your engine bay and there’s no better material than titanium.

To get a better understanding and to experience our intake feel free to scroll below for a 3D model we created a while designing the intake.