MFR Engineering Aluminum Chassis Mounted Aero Kit for the Lexus IS F 2008 - 2015
March 23, 2020
MFR Engineering Aluminum Chassis Mounted Aero Kit for the Lexus IS F 2008 - 2015

The MFR Engineering aluminum chassis mounted aero kit for the 2008 - 2015 Lexus IS F is the perfect balance between function and form.  For daily driving purposes this aero kits is made of incredibly strong aluminum, which protects the undercarriage and critical components underneath your car as you drive around.  While being functional you can drive with peace of mind knowing that components like your oil pan, electrical lines, another exposed under body components are shielded from potential damage.'

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Full Kit (Front Diffuser, Side Diffuser and Rear Diffuser) - Click Here for details
Front Diffuser Only - Click Here for Details
Side Diffuser Only - Click Here for Details
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Full Aluminum Chassis Mounted kit includes:

  • Front Splitter
  • Side Splitter
  • Rear Diffuser
  • All necessary hardware and brackets for a full installation
  • Made of 6061-T6 and 5052 Aluminum
  • Powder coated black for anti-corrosive properties
  • Weight:
    • Front Diffuser: 15 lbs
    • Side Diffuser: 10 lbs
    • Rear Diffuser: 13 lbs


  • For the front diffuser it’s important to note that it extends deep into the chassis of the car.  By extending further into the chassis it creates the critical flat section that connects to the OEM under body panels to prevent turbulent air and produce down force.  The mounting points were selected to be as noninvasive is possible utilizing mostly OEM mounting points as well as a few others that are made using provided hardware.  There’s also a quick access panel created so you can do easy oil changes without having to remove the entire front.
    The side skirts are also functional in that they extend deeper into the chassis and connect with the OEM underbody cover.  Ultimately the goal of the side skirts is to minimize areas that are not flat in order to produce turbulent air.

MFR Engineering IS F Kit Rear Diffuser (1)

MFR Engineering IS F Kit Rear Diffuser (1)

  • The rear diffuser is incredibly crucial as there’s a lot of turbulent air generated flowing into the rear.  The purpose of the rear diffuser is to guide airflow from the front of the car to the back of the car and upward utilizing the fins.  What is not obvious in the photo is that the back portion of their rear diffuser that is closest to the center of the core is actually folded upwards in order to prevent air being trapped in the pocket of the exhaust section ensuring that there is the maximum amount of proper airflow in the right direction.
    The full kit is minimalist in design but that’s the point it is supposed to be primarily functional and secondarily beautiful although if you see it in person the kit is absolutely stunning.  There have been some questions from people asking whether not this is overkill for daily driving I would have to disagree this might be the perfect kit for daily driving.  You get to enjoy the fully functional aspects of this kit while enjoying its extreme durability.  As an automotive enthusiast there have been plenty of times where I have destroyed my aerodynamics kit on accident.  If you are running this kit whenever is getting in your way should be more worried about your kit.
    On a personal level our 2020 Toyota Supra is running a MFR Engineering kit and driving around we have every confidence in the durability of the kit in any situation we’ve come across so for including the dreaded curb at the end of a parking spot and the dreaded driveway that is super steep.  We have even run into a situation where there was a tire on the freeway that was unavoidable and it hit the front diffuser.  After pulling over and examining the car there was zero damage…  And I mean zero.  If anything there might be a tire that’s split in two on the 60 freeway somewhere.The other great aspect of this kit is a is made it 100% in the United States locally in Montclair, California.  It’s getting more and more rare to find local reproduced automotive parts and it’s kind of nice to know that it was designed and made right here at home.If you have any questions about this kits please feel free to give us a call for send this e-mail all be happy to answer all questions.